Giving Hope LLC

Our Services

General Services

Giving Hope is a Certified Minority and Woman owned Business (M/WBE) that utilizes a Christ-centered approach in the treatment of pediatric, family, and individual whole person, whole life, wholistic red carpet service delivery. We provide supports to ALL people of ALL ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, and practices. We pride ourselves in being the “Hope Dealers” of our field with a niche in being able to reach individuals of multicultural and diverse backgrounds. Our company’s philosophy is driven by the vision that God gave Dr. Naeema some time ago. Her goal is to lead millions of people to a lifestyle of wellness and freedom. This will include mental/emotional/behavioral wellness and freedom, spiritual wellness and freedom, health/nutritional wellness and freedom, financial wellness, and freedom. All of these areas together embody psychological wellness and freedom.

School Districts

Giving Hope continues to provide fill-in supports where needed for school districts with the ever-increasing need for mental health supports, psychological testing, staff training, and consultation. We are able to provide the following supports to name a few.  We cater our packages to meet the short term or long-term needs of the school or school district, big or small. We are flexible and work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and that we maintain a long-lasting working relationship.

Coaching/Personal Empowerment Development

Personal Empowerment Development GH-PED Movement

Ped-having a foot, having a natural footing or development; firm foundation; base; rooting.

Our definition- we are building a natural strong foundation from the ground up.  We seek to balance the 8 areas of your life based on your needs. We begin with an initial consultation and assessment and determine the plan that works best for your lifestyle.  This is offered in two methods, blended hybrid, partial one-on-one and independent/self-guided, and the second option is completely self-guided.

The goal of personal empowerment development coaching is to empower you to live your most impactful and fulfilling life by understanding and creating balance. This is achieved through working with individuals who are: Passionate, talented, and curious.
  • Committed to developing as leaders in all areas of their lives.
  • Inspired by something greater.
  • Open to growth, expansion, and transformation.

Autism: (Entire Life Autism Services)

The S.O.B.E.C.A. Approach was designed to support and follow a child into adolescence, then into adulthood, and then into the end of life. The purpose is to help a child/adolescence/adult/elder with autism reach their full potential, access every access of their community to the best of their ability, and to communicate as effectively as possible while helping their loved ones to understand their needs and helping their loved ones to cope with having a family member having a diagnosis of autism.


Digital representation of nerve cells (Source: Wellcome Images) The term  ‘neurological’ comes from neurology – the branch of medicine that deals with problems affecting the nervous system. The word neuro means nerve and nervous system. Some neurological problems or conditions are present from birth (congenital), some are hereditary (genetic) and others have a sudden onset due to injury or illness, such as a head injury or stroke, or a cancer of the brain or spine.