Giving Hope LLC


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As children with ASD and related disorders mature, they often experience mood and anxiety issues, academic difficulties, weak organizational skills and family conflict. To target these challenges, our clinicians use cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving interventions. They help older children and teenagers increase their awareness of and ability to manage their symptoms, and improve their interactions with parents, peers and teachers. Length of treatment is typically 8-12 weeks but varies depending on the child’s and family’s needs.


Our evaluation team is well-versed in utilizing The S.O.B.E.C.A. Approach to assess every aspect of your child/family member’s ability, development, and life to determine their strengths and areas of needed improvement.  This assessment includes a cognitive, academic, adaptive, ecological, and QEEG assessment. From that, you will have a clear picture of loved one’s true ability, needs, and an aggressive treatment recommendation will be developed to help meet their full potential.  Full assessments are conducted triennially, and partial assessments are conducted as needed and more often whenever utilized as a continuous performance tool.