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Managing Life and Maintaining Mental Clarity while Parenting a Child with Autism

By: Dr. Naeema Burgess, MS, Diplomate-ABSNP

Autism can seem daunting in the beginning. Especially if you have no one to guide you and explain to you the diagnosis, supports, or where to turn for therapy.

First and foremost, THERE IS NOTHING YOU DID TO CAUSE THIS. So, stop beating yourself up.

Secondly, you must remember that you are a person, and individual, first. It is imperative that you set some time to be alone EACH and EVERY day. Whether it is putting your child to bed at 7pm and taking a long bubble bath, or you are waking up 30 minutes earlier to meditate ALONE (YES!!!!!!! NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU).

Next, you want to ensure that you know the supports that your city and state offer at no cost to you, such as respite services, because you want to have a moment each week where you can leave your home and be ALONE. It can be as simple as you standing on the porch, or sitting on your balcony, or going for a short or long walk. States like New York and California offer parents of children with autism these supports and much more. So, do your due diligence and research the supports in your state.

As a parent of a child with autism, lastly, it is important to get connected with parents like yourself. They will have answers and they will be able to provide comfort, as you will provide to them. Here at Giving Hope we provide a private community for you and your family to join and receive supports from clinicians in the field and myself.  You will be able to converse with other parents like yourself, get answers to hard questions, and see how others faired in similar situations.  Subscribe to our Understanding Autism Community.  Professionals subscribe here to connect, share, grow, and learn as well.

Life is manageable when you are the parent of a child with autism. Be open to receiving supports. Your child, yourself and your family will benefit from this.

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